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Protective Security – What is it all about?

When most people hear the term protective security, their mind turns to padlocks, computer passwords, security containers, security guards and compliance checking. However, each organisation’s protective security requirements are as unique as the individual organisation itself.

The term protective security is broadly defined as “the protection of an organisation’s people, physical assets and information”. Importantly, physical security also includes security governance to ensure an organisation systematically identifies relevant risks and vulnerabilities, and implements mitigating strategies to protect its people, physical assets and information.

Elysium EPL understands the essential role protective security plays in developing an organisation’s business resilience. Elysium EPL has established a Protective Security and Business Resilience Practice to assist new and existing customers to methodically implement a tailored, effective and efficient protective security framework.

If you would like to discuss how your organisation can optimise its framework to protecting your people (staff, contractors, customers, partners and stakeholders), physical assets (buildings, plant equipment, vehicles, desks) and information (cyber security and hardcopy documents), please contact us on

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