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Collaborative Working Practice

Elysium EPL's Collaborative Working  Practice builds effective collaborations between and within organisations that enable effective business integration to deliver increased value.

Collaborative Working is a business discipline that puts human beings and their behaviours in the centre of organisations and works out from that centre to derive greater value through collaboration, and people working together.


Our Collaborative Working Practice comprises a dedicated and highly experienced team of industry professionals that deliver advice, training and business management solutions to ensure collaboration is embedded throughout a project lifecycle, ensuring successful outcomes.

Collaborative working covers both ‘hard’ (such as processes, contracts, business measures, accounting systems etc) and ‘soft’ systems (such as behaviours and values). By putting these two things together and keeping people at the centre of a business, these systems can work effectively together, derive common benefits and deliver common goals.

The concept of collaborative working is reflected in the international standard, IS044001, which provides detail on how collaborative working can be measured, assessed and assured – and provides the tools and concepts used to build a collaborative framework.

Elysium EPL is about achieving outcomes

 A big focus of all Elysium EPL projects is the building of the capability of our clients to ensure that projects are successful, and that solutions are enduring, delivering ongoing value to our client long after we have delivered the project.


Key services 

Elysium EPL is a capability provider for the Institute of Collaborative Working Australia, the premier organisation governing collaborative working in Australia. We provide:

  • Advice on how to apply collaborative working principles as a business discipline to deliver outcomes in complex projects and organisations

  • Training and education on the application of collaborative working and ISO44000 series

  • Design of multi-party collaborative enterprises

  • Implementation of collaborative working business management systems in organisations and multi-party enterprises

These services can be procured collectively or individually as required.

Lead by experts

Point of Contact, Director

Brett Ackroyd

Executive MBA:  Strategic Procurement, Master of Laws: Intellectual Property Law, Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law 

An original founder of Elysium EPL, Brett has in excess of 20 years’ experience as a strategic procurement and commercial / legal / organisation design advisor to government and private organisations on large and complex projects. He specialises in the design and implementation of effective supplier engagement agreements and building collaborative commercial working relationships for the delivery of value from complex outcomes.  


Brett has demonstrated success in building and leading multidisciplinary teams delivering complex, multibillion dollar procurement projects and designing collaborative working organisations to deliver strong commercial outcomes. Brett is the Managing Director of the Institute of Collaborative Working in Australia which promotes the adoption of Collaborative Working as a business discipline.  

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