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Training and Education

Elysium EPL's Training and Education Practice highlights the key role of education in supporting successful change by empowering key stakeholders through the effective delivery of knowledge.

We understand that successful change is made by empowering through knowledge, and work with you to understand what your people need to hit the ground running and achieve your outcomes.

Our education specialists leverage their experience and understanding of how people absorb information to deliver innovative and impactful learning resources. Our team has worked on various small and large-scale projects - independently and as part of multi-disciplinary teams - to achieve enduring change.



Key services 

  • Strategy development

  • Conducting training needs analyses

  • Multimedia and video production

  • In-person facilitation and training

  • Development and delivery of a range of targeted training materials, including awareness modules, eLearning content, videos, worksheets and fact sheets.

These services can be procured collectively or individually as required.

Lead by experts

Point of Contact

Rikki Bugden

Bachelor of Teaching – Primary and Secondary (with distinction), Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Dance/Media), 

Rikki has 18 years’ experience in educational delivery methods and combines hands-on work for clients to build their knowledge. She is passionate about tailoring information to your needs so it is relevant for the audiences, can be applied and ensuring learning sticks. Rikki’s education and training expertise enables her to create a learning environment where you can make progress on addressing your issues while gaining the ability to address future challenges.

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