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AFL Masters Cup

We were proud to have sponsored the AFL Masters ACT Competition season again in 2023, with Elysium EPL Director Dave Swan at Manuka Oval to present the Heart, Mind and Soul Cup to the winning teams on Sunday 20 August.​

Elysium EPL's Capability Practice Lead Chris Clapton was part of the winning men's team Western Creek Wildcats (again!), who were triumphant against The Australian National University Old Boys.​

In the women’s competition, the Southern Stars defeated the Northern Flames. This year was the first time that included the new women's competition. This was in addition to the continuing QuickKick introductory program rolled out by Women’s Masters Development Officer Andi McGee, to encourage new female players to participate and engage in a healthier lifestyle. ​

Dave shared some words. ​

"Partnering with an organisation that shares our values is important to us, and we’re proud to be part of this community and another great season. Congratulations to the players for the heart, mind, and soul you demonstrated today; we are excited to see what next year holds.” ​

To learn more about the AFL Masters ACT Competition, visit AFL Masters ACT returns in 2023 – Heart Mind & Soul Cup - AFL Canberra.

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