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We are a Great Place to Work

We are thrilled to announce that Elysium EPL has been certified as a Great Place To Work for the third year in a row, a reflection of our ongoing commitment to fostering a supportive workplace.


The survey of the Elysium EPL team members showed that 97% consider Elysium EPL to be a great place to work, with high scores in areas of inclusivity and work-life balance.  This is an improvement on Elysium EPL’s 2023 results, and an incredible achievement given the team has grown by 33 percent in the last 12 months. In comparison, only 56% of employees at a typical Australia-based company believe their workplace is great, highlighting Elysium EPL’s outstanding work culture. 

Key Highlight areas:

“We’re really pleased to see this trajectory continuing and to hear firsthand how our people feel about the workplace and the culture we have cultivated,” said Elysium EPL Director David Swan.

Offering a flexible work environment that allows its team members to effectively balance work and life is a strength with a ‘family first’ culture, whilst also ensuring its people have agency and autonomy to draw on their strengths, deliver for clients and access professional development opportunities.


“But it’s not just about what we’re doing well; the Great Place to Work survey allows us to pinpoint areas where there is room for improvement and where our people need more support, and we actively work towards implementing solutions and initiatives that address those areas.”


An annual staff offsite allows the team to come together, connect, and to workshop ideas and initiatives designed to address the gaps and continue to make Elysium EPL a Great Place to Work.


It’s clear the Elysium EPL team members take great pride in the organisation, leading to a more engaged, satisfied, and supported team that is inspired and enabled to achieve exceptional outcomes for its clients.


“Elysium EPL not only provides a great work environment but also espouses ‘family first’ values,’ offering support and flexibility whenever we need it. Working here also gives me a sense of purpose, direction, and enjoyment. I’m extremely proud to be part of the Elysium EPL team.”


Learn more about Elysium EPL’s Great Place to Work certification:

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