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Our Pledge for veterans

(L-R) Elysium EPL Director Michael Mitchell, Soldier On's Partnerships Manager Victoria Dixon and CEO Amy Cooper and Elysium EPL Directors David Swan, Anthony Allen and Brett Ackroyd sign the Soldier On Gold Pledge.

For veterans, making the leap from active service to a civilian role can feel daunting.

“I remember vividly the experience of transitioning and feeling acutely aware of what I was leaving behind – a career and organisation I had known for over 20 years, and a shared experience few civilians can really understand,” said veteran and Elysium EPL Director David Swan.

Fast forward to March 2017: Dave and three other veterans – Mitch, Tony and Brett - sat around a table with a shared vision to draw on their unique experiences and skills to help businesses and governments overcome complex problems with creative, ambitious and long-lasting solutions.

As veterans, providing a supportive, flexible work environment was critical. They wanted to recreate the feeling of working in a united team with shared values that they had enjoyed as Servicemen. These values were Ethos (the standard we hold ourselves to), Pathos (the passion we bring to our work), and Logos (the use of logic to deliver successful outcomes).

And so, Elysium EPL was born.

“We wanted to bring together good people with solutions-oriented minds,” continued Dave. “As veterans, we value highly the unique skills that those who have served bring to the table and so helping veterans transition to long-term, meaningful careers both within our business and the broader community became a core part of our founding philosophy.”

A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 2022 found that the majority of ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members had attained higher education qualifications, and these skills, together with their practical skills and problem-solving abilities, deliver uniquely qualified individuals.

That’s why Elysium EPL is proud to announce our promotion to Gold Pledge Partner with Soldier On Australia.

This is an upgrade from the organisation’s Silver partnership, reflecting its commitment to being a veteran-friendly employer. More than half of Elysium EPL’s personnel are former serving members or partners of serving members of Defence, and so the Pledge reflects the company’s origins and its commitment to supporting veterans in establishing civilian careers.

Elysium EPL has a personalised support capability through mentorship, ability to continue reserve work, and access to other Defence support services where applicable.

“As a Gold Pledge Soldier On Partner, we will continue to strive to be an employer of choice for veterans and will continue to strengthen our commitment to supporting the veteran community.”

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