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Elysium EPL is an Australian professional services firm which works with government and industry organisations to improve their business performance through design and implementation of major transformation projects and the provision of trusted advice.

We provide comprehensive, tailored solutions in a broad range of areas across contract and organisational design, project management, security and analysis, strategic communications and training. Recently, this has included working with our clients to successfully design and implement major government contracts, systems and organisations. 

Elysium EPL consultants are genuinely committed to their clients’ success. We empower our clients to build their capability, so they see enduring value and succeed long after we are gone. It is also why we assist with implementation - to ensure the solutions work.

All our work is supported by appropriate quality control/peer reviewed processes to ensure accurate, timely and consistent product delivery.

Elysium EPL has offices in Canberra and Sydney but works across all capital cities in Australia.

comprehensive solutions, enduring value