The Elysium EPL team has skills and experience in a range of areas, including government procurement and contracting, engineering, logistics, military operations, security and intelligence, communications and stakeholder engagement and education and training.


Our consultants have worked in various Defence and Government roles, delivering a range of solutions for them, including those which effectively integrate Government and Industry.


David Swan 

David has 30 years’ experience in operations and project delivery in government and defence industry sectors. David spent 23 years in Royal Australian Navy and the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group culminating in roles including the Chief Engineer for Major Surface Ships Branch in Maritime Systems Division and as a System Program Office Director overseeing the establishment of the organisation and of the contracts necessary to support the introduction of new assets into service with the Navy.


His expertise includes strategy development and implementation, design and implementation of engineering, regulatory and asset management business models as well as the design and implementation of complex change programs.


David has led multiple successful projects and programs in both private and public sectors and is held in high regard for the provision of pragmatic and implementable solutions to regulatory, workforce design, engineering management and business development challenges.  David is adept at developing effective, achievable and transparent strategies, aligned to client requirements and producing outcomes exceeding stakeholder expectations.


His open and honest approach to working with clients to achieve their success underpins the work that he and the rest of the Elysium EPL Team provide.

Brett Ackroyd 

An original founder of Elysium EPL, Brett has in excess of 20 years’ experience as a strategic procurement and commercial / legal advisor to government and private organisations. He has a background in contract & commercial law, intellectual property law and in strategic procurement for large and complex projects. He has developed a practice specialising in the design and implementation of effective supplier engagement agreements for the delivery of complex outcomes; designing and building efficient commercial management organisations; and building effective collaborative commercial working relationships. 


Brett has demonstrated success in building and leading multidiscipline teams delivering complex, multibillion dollar procurement projects and designing collaborative working organisations to deliver above average commercial outcomes. Brett has a number of not for profit and commercial interests and is a director of the Institute of Collaborative Working in Australia which promotes the adoption of the ISO44001 collaborative working standard. 


Brett’s vision is for Elysium EPL to be recognised as a trusted advisor that delivers superior results for organisations and individuals in realising their best potential and resolving their most complex and challenging problems, while embodying its founding principles and delivering on its promises.


Michael is a professional leader and manager with significant experience in maritime operations, intelligence & security, project management, business development, stakeholder relationship management, and strategy and policy development roles. As an experienced project manager, submariner and naval intelligence officer, he has strong analytical skills and an excellent ability to quickly interpret complex issues. 


Throughout his civilian and Naval career, he has been responsible for managing effective business relationships across the Australian Defence Organisation, Australian Government agencies, foreign militaries and commercial stakeholders to achieve time sensitive project and operational goals.


His skills, experience, passion and friendly nature allow him to effectively deliver the required outcomes for clients.


Anthony has more than twenty-five years’ experience in complex program management, research & analytics, intelligence planning and operational design for the improvement of business outcomes. 


As both a consultant and as a leader in the military, Anthony’s career in diverse environments has provided him with a breadth of experience in the building, management and leadership of high performing team.  He is a mature active listener and decisive decision maker, who weighs up the options and considers advice from all available sources before making solid recommendations or providing direction.


Anthony enjoys interacting and working with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. During his career he has been fortunate to advise and work alongside commonwealth and state governments and international clients, including the Department of Defence, the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group and the Government of Western Australia.



Glen is a physical and information security specialist.

He assists organisations to protect their critical assets by building tailored security governance, management and response options, which are underpinned by a strong security culture.


Glen makes security simple. His experience and knowledge comes from an extensive career in both the Australian Defence Force and the Commonwealth Government. This provided him with a foundation for success with clients who have complex needs. He displayed this most recently in building new security philosophies and capabilities for the Australian Government.


A successful engagement for Glen involves building a security solution that supports the client’s mission and people.

Chris Clapton

Chris has 22 years’ experience in logistic operations and project management within the government sector and recent management experience within private industry. He is a senior manager with strong leadership and organisational skills.


His expertise includes operational strategy and planning, supply chain operations, complex change programs, compliance management, training, assessment and human resource management.


Rikki is experienced in building client knowledge.  She has over 10 years’ experience in educational delivery methods and combines hands-on work for clients with intensive efforts to build their knowledge.  Her expertise in education and training enables her to create a learning environment where clients make progress on addressing their issues while gaining the ability to address future challenges.

Rikki is a results-driven learning and development professional with extensive experience in developing, implementing and maintaining training programs and supporting technical documentation from conception through to end of life.

Rikki works collaboratively with stakeholders to define strategies, generate alignment and create clear accountability structures leading to increased organisational awareness.


Callum has a strong background in intelligence and security within the Department of Defence in  applying advanced analytical techniques to complex, trans‑national security problems.


As an experienced project manager, Callum has a proven record of delivering on multiple, complex projects within the intelligence and security realm.

Joshua Choong

Joshua is experienced in delivering complex procurement and contracting initiatives. He has significant experience in working with a wide variety of stakeholders to deliver effective, innovative commercial solutions in complex  and dynamic business environments. He has experience working across large projects in the Defence and technology sectors, with a focus on implementing innovative processes across multiple business units.


Joshua is an outcome-focused professional who enjoys working as a collaborative problem solver. He brings this passion for problem solving to his work with stakeholders to develop practical solutions for complex challenges. 

Mark Ellem

Mark has strong background in Operations, with over 25 years experience working with Navy and Defence stakeholders. As a critical thinker Mark's strengths lie in understanding risk, both critical risk to infrastructure and functional risk to operations.


With extensive experience across operations, asset, facilities, project, technical and general management, developing effective solutions and outcomes is his passion.


Having a friendly and approachable nature working with stakeholders and within their teams is the key to understanding problems and challenges, and Mark knows this is central to developing successful outcomes and solutions.

Julie Summerfield

Julie Summerfield is a qualified and experienced professional with an extensive 25 year APS and 10 year consulting background in Defence.

During her public sector career, Julie managed numerous complex commercial activities and complex projects and programs. Julie is highly skilled in all aspects of tendering and contract management, financial management and analysis, stakeholder engagement and project & program management in the Defence environment.

As a consultant since 2010, Julie has drawn on her APS experience to provide professional services in a range of Defence projects and policy reform areas.   

Darran Horrobin

Darran has over twenty years’ experience in complex programs across the public and private sector.  He is adept at working with uncertainty, developing strategies and delivering outcomes. At ease managing assets and staff. Able to identify and manage risks. Experienced in implementation with the ability to engage stakeholders and solve problems.


Darran is a motivated and analytical consultant with more than 20 years of Defence experience, from both the public and private sector.   Excellent written and oral communication skills round out his ability to add value to an organisation.


Kristie is a strategic communications specialist.
Through engagement and targeted communications, she helps organisations succeed by ensuring stakeholders understand and support ideas, changes and policies.

Kristie has a flair for handling complex and sensitive issues. She has had success working across government policy making at all levels. This has included providing communications and media support to high profile government leaders and organisations, and most recently raising awareness within Navy and Industry of changes to how a critical capability is managed and maintained.

Kristie believes putting yourself in stakeholders’ shoes is key to successful engagement.

JORDANA Mitchell

Jordana has twenty years’ experience providing expert services in a variety of challenging and high-pressure environments across the private, local government and defence sectors. She is an innovative and creative thinker with an outcome focussed approach to project work.


Jordana is skilled at communications, technical writing, deconflicting difficult situations, developing lasting rapport with internal and external stakeholders, and identifying stakeholders’ requirements.


Sarah is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with over 25 years’ experience specialising in contract and performance management, procurement, financial systems implementations, project and asset management with specific expertise in lease accounting. 


Sarah is a well-rounded experienced financial management professional, providing clients with valuable skills that combine comprehensive procurement management and evaluation skills with in-depth financial, pricing, corporate analysis and stakeholder engagement. Sarah provides a valuable interface for effective communication between technical SME’s, IT and finance professionals.


Sarah enjoys providing clients expert technical and project management skills in a variety of contexts to successfully plan and implement new initiatives.

Jamie Waddington

Jamie has over 30 years’ experience in logistic operations, human resources, and project management within the government sector. He has a background in establishing and managing both strategic level and niche supply chains to support customers within Australia and across the world.


His expertise includes supply chain design and management, operational logistics, stakeholder liaison, human resource management, project and compliance management.

Jonathan Wall

Jonathan has 30 years’ experience across a range of Government and commercial organisations, including extensive experience in contract development and management, leadership of multi-skilled teams and the development of organisational strategy and stakeholder management.


Jonathan’s strengths include the ability to identity opportunities and constraints to achieve success, navigating and working collaboratively within large complex organisations, and identifying and solving problems which seek to slow outcomes being achieved. Jonathan has worked extensively across the Defence portfolio in Canberra and regionally in support of the delivery of Defence Force capability.


Given his wide experience across public and private sectors, Jonathan has developed a strong understanding of the cultural issues which drive strategy development and decision making.   

Lavinia Constable

Lavinia has more than 15 years’ experience working within a variety of areas including design, construction, project management within both government and private sector and teaching environments. As a consultant she has an attention to detail with a focus on organisational, reporting and communication skills. 


Her experience includes detail design and project management, stakeholder management and communication, teaching and education, report writing and presentation delivery.


Lavinia’s diverse understanding, knowledge and experience in design development and with her technical background, is well suited to a variety of projects as it enables understanding to efficiently capture and manage risk across all phases of each project.

Mark Williams

With 23 years in Defence, Mark's background as a senior Naval Officer has given him extensive experience and expertise in the maritime security and intelligence sector.


An experienced project manager, Mark has delivered a range of projects across Defence; including the change management, capability, intelligence and cyber-security sectors. 


With a friendly nature, Mark loves engaging with stakeholders to deliver outcomes beyond expectations.

Ruben Contter

Ruben is an Industrial Engineer with over a decade of global consulting experience delivering projects in digital transformation, design and workforce optimization, and project management. He has significant experience in leading and managing projects for a diverse range of clients in both public and private sectors and has a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver measurable results.


Beyond his consulting, Ruben enjoys travelling the globe and capturing his travel through photography and videography.

Claudia Henry 

Claudia has over 20 years public sector experience with a proven record in independently coordinating and managing strategic communications projects to achieve desired outcomes and strategic goals, particularly in a dynamic, high paced and quickly changing media environment. She has a proven record in providing timely and consolidated advice and information on sensitive issues and has solid issues management skills.


Claudia’s strengths are in stakeholder engagement which includes identifying stakeholder requirements, working collaboratively, negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Coupled with strong interpersonal skills and being empathetic, Claudia builds and nurtures effective internal and external relationships.


Claudia has led multi-disciplinary teams to develop, deliver and evaluate numerous communication strategies and activities. She is skilled in building teams to be results-driven, leading through change and fostering a positive culture.