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The Elysium EPL team has skills and experience in a range of areas, including government procurement and contracting, engineering, logistics, military operations, security and intelligence, communications and stakeholder engagement and education and training.


Our consultants have worked in various Defence and Government roles, delivering a range of solutions for them, including those which effectively integrate Government and Industry.



Michael is a professional leader and manager with significant experience in maritime operations, intelligence & security, project management, business development, stakeholder relationship management, and strategy and policy development roles. As an experienced project manager, submariner and naval intelligence officer, he has strong analytical skills and an excellent ability to quickly interpret complex issues. 


Throughout his civilian and Naval career, he has been responsible for managing effective business relationships across the Australian Defence Organisation, Australian Government agencies, foreign militaries and commercial stakeholders to achieve time sensitive project and operational goals.


His skills, experience, passion and friendly nature allow him to effectively deliver the required outcomes for clients.


Anthony has more than twenty-five years’ experience in complex program management, research & analytics, intelligence planning and operational design for the improvement of business outcomes. 


As both a consultant and as a leader in the military, Anthony’s career in diverse environments has provided him with a breadth of experience in the building, management and leadership of high performing team.  He is a mature active listener and decisive decision maker, who weighs up the options and considers advice from all available sources before making solid recommendations or providing direction.


Anthony enjoys interacting and working with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. During his career he has been fortunate to advise and work alongside commonwealth and state governments and international clients, including the Department of Defence, the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group and the Government of Western Australia.



Glen is a physical and information security specialist.

He assists organisations to protect their critical assets by building tailored security governance, management and response options, which are underpinned by a strong security culture.


Glen makes security simple. His experience and knowledge comes from an extensive career in both the Australian Defence Force and the Commonwealth Government. This provided him with a foundation for success with clients who have complex needs. He displayed this most recently in building new security philosophies and capabilities for the Australian Government.


A successful engagement for Glen involves building a security solution that supports the client’s mission and people.

Chris Clapton

Chris has 22 years’ experience in logistic operations and project management within the government sector and recent management experience within private industry. He is a senior manager with strong leadership and organisational skills.


His expertise includes operational strategy and planning, supply chain operations, complex change programs, compliance management, training, assessment and human resource management.


Kristie is a strategic communications specialist.
Through engagement and targeted communications, she helps organisations succeed by ensuring stakeholders understand and support ideas, changes and policies.

Kristie has a flair for handling complex and sensitive issues. She has had success working across government policy making at all levels. This has included providing communications and media support to high profile government leaders and organisations, and most recently raising awareness within Navy and Industry of changes to how a critical capability is managed and maintained.

Kristie believes putting yourself in stakeholders’ shoes is key to successful engagement.

JORDANA Mitchell

Jordana has twenty years’ experience providing expert services in a variety of challenging and high-pressure environments across the private, local government and defence sectors. She is an innovative and creative thinker with an outcome focussed approach to project work.


Jordana is skilled at communications, technical writing, deconflicting difficult situations, developing lasting rapport with internal and external stakeholders, and identifying stakeholders’ requirements.