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As part of ongoing commitment and support to veterans, Elysium EPL is proud to announce our sponsorship of the inaugural AFL Canberra Master's competition. The theme of this year’s Cup - Heart, Mind and Soul aligns with our company’s fundamental values, which are to conduct ourselves with Ethos (Credibility/Ethics), Pathos (The Heart) and Logos (The Head).

With our very own Chris Clapton on the team, we look forward to a long and enduring partnership with AFL Masters.


Media Release

Elysium EPL is proud to announce that we have been selected as a trusted provider to the Australian Defence Force Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group Defence Support Services panel. 


Media Release

Elysium is proud to have been selected by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business for a Digital Champions grant. The grant will enable us to better engage online and automate our processes so we are efficient. Part of this grant will be used to improve accessibility and searchability of our website. Stay tuned for updates.

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